Volunteers are the life’s blood of our organization and are critical to us being able to fulfill our mission. With a wide range of tasks we accommodate a great variety of volunteer interests and talents that aid in the fulfilling of our obligations to the care of our animals and our organizational needs.

*Please note. You must have gone through volunteer orientation to sign up for individual activities.


​We welcome prospective volunteers 18 years and older to submit an application by clicking on the application form button at the top right of this page. Those 14 through 17 years may apply with a parent or guardian signature. 14 and 15 year olds must be under parent or guardian supervision. If you are interested in bringing a youth group for a service project please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at 706-582-3007.

Once an application is received and accepted our volunteer coordinator with send the applicant a copy of our Volunteer Handbook via email.  Applicants need to read the handbook thoroughly.  If at that time they believe they are ready to accept the obligations and responsibilities as outlined, they will sign up for a brief orientation.

Orientation sessions are conducted on an individual basis.  Upon completion of orientation, the applicant will receive an HSHC Volunteer T-Shirt (at no cost) and may sign up for volunteer tasks.  The volunteer tasks listed below require additional training before assignment can be made.

Walking Club volunteers as well as general exercise volunteers or those who wish to become involved in dog training are required to take additional training before beginning any volunteering requiring dog handling. Two 90 minute sessions will familiarize new volunteers with residing dogs, safety procedures and basic dog training. These orientation sessions are available the first Saturday of every month from 10:30 am to Noon.