TNR Request Form

The Humane Society of Harris County offers Harris County residents trap-neuter-release services for community cats in the resident’s care.  This service includes an evaluation of the situation to develop a strategy for properly trapping the cats and removing any adoptable kittens. HSHC will then lend the caregiver the traps needed to trap the cats and each will be spayed or neutered, given a rabies vaccination and have their ear tipped as identification as to the spay/neuter. The cats are then RETURNED TO THEIR ORIGINAL LOCATION. Cats are NOT removed or relocated. While there is no charge to borrow the traps, there is a deposit (in the form of a held credit card number) while the traps are in the caregiver’s possession. Caregivers not returning the traps by the agreed upon date will be charged $65 per trap. If you would like to request an evaluation for cats you care for or if you know of a colony that should be evaluated please fill out the request below and an HSHC staff member will contact you.