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​​Humane Society of Harris County

Job Description

Animal Care Technician


Full Time


$10.50-$11.00/hour (start)


The Animal Care Technician is responsible for the day-to-day cleaning of the dog kennels and isolation pens, cattery and medical cages.  The technician carries out feeding, watering and turn outs of all dogs and cats. Afternoon responsibilities include assisting the Animal Care Manager, late feedings and enrichment.

Duties and Responsibilities

·       Feed and water animals in mornings and afternoons

·       Turn out dogs in day pens morning and afternoon

·       Disinfect and clean all dog housing, light clean 2 pm and 5 pm

·       Sweep, dust and pickup in aisleways as needed

·       Maintain all animal support areas including laundry, food storage, turnouts and aisleways

·       Clean catteries including cages, litterboxes and floors

·       Clean medical cages

·       Oversee volunteers who assist in any ACT tasks

·       Assist Animal Care Manager with examinations, testing, medication distribution

Veterinary or Shelter Clinic experience preferred
General knowledge of small animal care and behavior
Excellent organization skills
High School Diploma or GED

Physical Requirements
Ability to stand for four or more hours
Ability to lift 50 pounds without assistance

Reports to
HSHC Animal Care Manager

Last Update: July 11 2022

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