HSHC in Action

Sheltering and adoption are just one part of our mission. Reaching out to the community with services to help support the pet community and build relationships between animals and people are important goals as well.


Donations of cat and dog food from throughout the county help HSHC provide food to pet owners in need.  Dry and wet food and treats are distributed in cooperation with FOCUS in Hamilton, St. Nicholas Episcopal Church, Harris County Meals-On-Wheels, the Senior Center, , Pine Mountain and at the HSHC Adoption Center. Over 15,000 pounds of food has been delivered since the inception of the program in 2009.

COMMUNITY CATS – Trap-Neuter-Release

Free-roaming and feral cats live in the rural and suburban communities of Harris County and make their homes wherever they can find food or shelter.  Trap/neuter/release has been found to be the most effective and humane method to reduce the number of community cats and the nuisance behaviors associated with them. In a TNR program cats are humanely trapped, disease tested, spayed or neutered, rabies vaccinated and then returned to their community to live out their lives. Because they have been fixed they can no longer reproduce and their numbers dwindle over time.

HSHC has orchestrated over 400 TNRs in Harris County since 2010.  This service is available free of charge but donations are encouraged and happily accepted.


Tag, You’re It is an initiative to make low cost identification tags and microchips available to every pet owner in Harris County.  Proper ID is the best way to guarantee a lost pet finds its way home quickly and safely. The reclamation rate for pets at Harris County Animal Control is only 7%.  Identification on dogs and even cats would vastly improve this rate. Microchips are offered for $10.00 for cats and dogs.  Engraved identification tags are only $6.00.