Fostering Saves Lives

Fostering is rewarding.

But Beware You Just May Fall In Love

Foster homes fill a critical need for the Humane Society of Harris County. Foster care providers not only allow us to care for more animals, but also give those animals a more social and loving setting in which to live while awaiting their permanent home. Keeping animals out of a shelter ensures a more stable, normal environment without the stresses of the institutional shelter setting.

Who can foster?

Fostering is available to almost anyone 18 years or older. As in the adoption process HSHC strives to ensure the best match for the foster family be it a single individual or a family with children and resident pets. Meet and greets are recommended for multiple dog households. If the foster applicant rents prior approval of the landlord is required. Fosters must be able to make their foster animal available for medical appointments and for adoption events.

It takes a team.

Fostering is a collaborative effort. The Humane Society of Harris County provides all food, crates, leashes, collars, litter pans, litter, toys, etc. All upcoming medical care is monitored by HSHC. Each foster is autonomous and has access to the HSHC online system allowing them, if they choose, to view and update all medical information as well as process any adoptions they might facilitate.

Foster providers are encouraged to be advocates for their foster animal. Using their community contacts, family and friends, social media and other platforms foster providers can share the wonderful qualities and attributes of their charge vastly expanding the audience of potential adopters. Photos videos and funny stories are all cross posted to HSHC’s outlets. Once a match is made a foster can be completely involved in the adoption process or they may choose to hand off this responsibility to an HSHC staff person.

Join our foster team.

The first step is to complete our online application by clicking the button below. Our Foster Coordinator will contact you to discuss the various options available and the best match based on your family and life style. A meet and greet may be arranged when necessary. Once approved a brief inspection of the foster’s home is required by the Georgia Department of Agriculture. In some cases, this may be done virtually. An HSHC staff person will then deliver the foster animal and all supports to the foster home.